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The Fargions

The Fargions are a duo made up of Francesca and Giacomo Fargion. Together, they combine aspects of their own practices, drawing upon song-writing, humorous texts and electronics to create unusual, playful compositions. As described in Prxludes Magazine, they emanate a ‘childlike charm performing together.’ Their first collaboration, ‘Songs From A Warm Kitchen’ (2020) comprised of short pieces, each one written as a response to the last throughout lockdown. In 2022, they performed and released an album of short songs, ‘Happy/Sad’ and a piece for two bass guitars, ‘Au Revoir’. They also curate a performance series, ‘Good Company’.


Leo Chadburn: “A big highlight of last night was the set by The Fargions: mordant, dry as a bone deadpan little gems of songs with electronics, so hilarious and truthful and wise. Young heirs to Ivor Cutler.

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