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Giacomo Fargion is a music producer/mastering engineer and experimental electronic composer born and based in London. His work focuses on a broad and idiosyncratic array of genres, sources and strategies, often presented within a deconstructed sound collage. Giacomo enjoys spontaneity and juxtaposition within the sounds used and likes exploring the tension between softness and aggression, energy and playfulness.  He often uses self-developed software made in Max MSP.  


Within the last few years Giacomo has been involved in a variety of projects: he wrote the music for the Southwark Bridge as part of the Illuminated River project; 'Vive La Phrance', a theatre piece written by Andrea Spreafico, Bergen, Norway; music and sound design for the 'Beasts of London' exhibition at the Museum of London; 'Tunnel of Light’ sound walk installation at Waddesdon Manor House; and Musicity Culture Mile festival in London. His music has been released with First Light Records, Kohlenstoff Records and Laminar Flow Records. 


Giacomo also writes and performs in a duo with his sister, Francesca. The performance duo work with very simple means to create witty, challenging yet accessible music. As described in Prxludes Magazine, they emanate a ‘childlike charm performing together’. The Fargions have recently performed at Iklektik, Patchworks, London and Artefact, Birmingham. 

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