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A world made more beautiful by song.

Giacomo Fargion is a London-based producer whose well-crafted experimentalism is already turning heads in the city’s vibrant electronic scene. And Then Everything Was Sung is Fargion’s First Light Records debut; a concise, well-focused four-track collection of experiments which stem from processed samples of his sister’s singing. Often far removed from this homegrown source material, And Then Everything Was Sung treads the line between intimate and experimental, achieving a grounded balance often missed by Fargion’s computer music contemporaries. Percussive layers spiral outwards with clockwork precision, only to be pulled back into off-kilter rhythms that envelop hypnotic synth phrases. Fine-tuned and well-honed, Fargion’s music has a sonic palette of its own, at once familiar and excitingly forward-thinking.

First Light Records

Giacomo Artwork.png

released April 16th 2021
Mastered by Dominic Clare @ Declared Sound
Artwork by Alex MacDougall

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